Friday, 16 July 2010

And that's it. We are back to "civilization". We were silent the last two days because we were too busy preparing the final talent show, preparing some surprises and having too much fun at the last excursion. We went to a nearby lake and spent the whole day there canoeing, swimming, playing football, Frisbee, etc. The place was amazing.
We hope everybody had fun while learning and practising their English at camp.
We certainly did have a great time!

See you all next year!
José Carlos, Luke and Lizzie

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Yesterday we had a great time, specially at the Fun Fair, wich was organised by group 10. They prepared everything and the whole camp participated. There were lots of activities to do such as Bite the Biscuit, Fortune Telling, PrecisionThrow, Fish the Duck, Piñata, etc.

We finished the night with a water sponge throwing at the Group Leaders. It was payback time:)

Now we are getting ready for the final Spain-Holland. Fingers crossed!

The last few days have been great because there were lots of great activities such as tree walking, vivac, river art and a trip to the mountain top. The water at the source of the river Guadalquivir was so cold! But it was fun to walk up the river.

We did mountain bikes with Javi, who can go backwards on the bike!! The climbing we did with Gonzalo, he climbs very well.

In the VIVAC we slept under the stars and played hide and seek in the forest. We had lots of fun looking for Jose and Luke with our torches.

The girls of group 9 (Andrea, Lucia, Irene B.U., Paloma, Guadalupe, Irene H. A., Carolina, Sofia and Aurora)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

After the emotions of the world cup we went back to work. For example the younger ones used the climbing wall to learn and practice WH questions while the older ones worked on their aimimg and practiced adverb clauses in archery. Now they are working on past modals in tree-walking where they need to match sentences with a statement and a correct conclusion or obligation.

Yesterday we had a visit of the cleaning fairys. They found some spots of dust here and there but the general result was very good.

Tonight we slept outside for the second time.

We dont see a sky like this in Madrid.

This afternoon we are preparing a Fun Fair for tonight. We will tell you all about it next time.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

We woke up very happy today. The day is a bit cloudy but nothing will take the smile off our faces after Spain's victory. We all got together to see the match and this is how we celebrated Spain's goal:

We were away from the camp the whole day. We left in the morning and walked to the nearby source of the river Guadalquivir. We spent the day swimming and walking up the river. It was a great opportunity for us to enjoy the amazing local scenery.

We came back just in time to have a shower, to have dinner and to get ready for the match.
Today we learned how to put together some bikes and how to fix a puncture. After taking some bikes apart and putting them together again we went for a ride in the mountain.

Crazy Olympics
This night activity was really funny. The games included among other egg (water balloon) race, three legged race, crazy relay, and skinning the snake (this a difficult challenge; the 1993 record stands at 211 people doing it at the same time).

Fran, Pedro and Javier (Group 10)

Tea Party
We participated in a cooking workshop where Lizzie and Luke taught us how to make Chocolate Crispy Cakes and Munchy Flapjacks.

Then in the afternoon both groups got together and we organised a tea party. For many of us it was the first time we tasted tea like English people drink it - black tea with milk. And a cup of tea goes really well with the cookies.

We also learned how to bracelets and key-rings with scoobies (plastic strings). We had scoobies of different colours and some beads. Then we just followed the instructions on the handouts and used our creativity to make things like these:

Maria, Antonio and Victoria (Group 10)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Disco

The other day we went to the Disco. And yesterday again. It was wonderful.

There was a lot of music and we danced a lot.

We dressed up and we had lots of fun.

The boys were very boring. They didn't dance very much. But the girls danced a lot.

Our Group Leaders danced as well. Luke danced in a very strange way. We took lots of photos. These are some of them:

Maria, Laura and Isa (Group 10)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

We need long trousers and a helmet to protect our head. When we arrived, our Group Leader prepared our horse and helped us to get on them. In a line, we started to walk around the paddock before we went on a ride in the woods. When we got off the horses, the other group came and did the same.


We learned how to do chocolate crispy bites with Lizzie, our Group Leader. When we got to the dining room, she gave us the materials we needed. We melted the white chocolate, the golden syrup and butter. We added cereals and mixed everything together. You do the same process with black chocolate. After everybody mixed the two layers, we finish by putting in the fridge.

Bea, Andrea and Alejandra (Group 10)

Climbing and Sleepover in the Woods

In the first session we learned how to clim a wall. We need to wear a harness and a helmet. Then we get attached to a rope, so we could safely climb the wall.

The wall has many handles and this makes it easier. The Group Leader of climbing and also zip wire is Gonzalo. He teaches us and helps us to climb.

Yesterday we slept under the stars. We took our sleeping bag and mat. The sky was very beautiful and there were many stars in the sky.

When we got to a big clearing in the woods, we put the sleeping bag on top of the mat and got inside. The group leaders had guitars and we played some Beatles songs before going to sleep.
We woke up at seven o'clock and then we came back to the Hotel.

Carlos, Fernando, Álvaro and José (Group 10)

Monday, 5 July 2010

We are the boys of group 9.

We are in Cazorla, in the Hotel Rio, also known as La Teja. It is in the forest and surrounded by mountains. It is a very beautiful place.

We wake up at nine and do many things during the day like horse-riding, archery, climbing, zip wire, arts and crafts and many other games. At night, we have some night activities like disco, crazy Olympics... While we do all this, we learn a lot of English with Luke (our group leader).

Iván, Jorge, José, Virgilio, Javier and Henrique

A day full of adventure. It started with horse-riding and archery and finished with Crazy Olympics.

While we did zip-wire we practiced the use of past perfect, zipping to Lizzie with the answer.

We also went cycling and actually learned the parts of a bike in english. We crossed a river and Fran found this an opportunity to show off his BMX skills.
We ended up the day learning a lot about England and about being English. For example, sometimes we see English tourists wearing socks with sandals. Do you know why?

Us, the younger ones, went on a nature trail and Luke told us a lot about wild life in the woods and ways of preserving the environment. We learned that we can enjoy nature if we take care of it.

These are some pictures of the Crazy Olympics. It was very close but despite some controversy team A ended up winning:)

All in all, we had a great time!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

It was a great day today. We did many things from salt dough figurines to a raft-building competition, horse-riding, climbing and rounders (it is a game similar to baseball but in England it is called rounders).

But no doubt the highlight of the day was the football match. We all got together and watched it in a giant screen. We suffered but it was worth it. We celebrated a great victory and nothing better to finish the day than going to the disco.

We leave you today with some pictures of the match and the disco that followed.

Semi-finals next. We can't wait!