Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Climbing and Sleepover in the Woods

In the first session we learned how to clim a wall. We need to wear a harness and a helmet. Then we get attached to a rope, so we could safely climb the wall.

The wall has many handles and this makes it easier. The Group Leader of climbing and also zip wire is Gonzalo. He teaches us and helps us to climb.

Yesterday we slept under the stars. We took our sleeping bag and mat. The sky was very beautiful and there were many stars in the sky.

When we got to a big clearing in the woods, we put the sleeping bag on top of the mat and got inside. The group leaders had guitars and we played some Beatles songs before going to sleep.
We woke up at seven o'clock and then we came back to the Hotel.

Carlos, Fernando, Álvaro and José (Group 10)